Ready, Stet, Go: Hello to the EFA!

I’m Rebekah Yoder. I’m a writer and copyediting student in my mid-20’s, and I’ve just joined the Editorial Freelancers Association with the intent of binge-watching all of the recorded seminars that members can access freely before my UCSD copyediting courses start next month.

With over half a million words of long-form fiction under my belt, I think I know what I’m getting into. (I probably do not know what I’m getting into.)

My current projects, aside from devouring any editing-related resources I can get my hands on, are a middle-grade fantasy novel (currently in self-edits) and a nonfiction book (very early first draft: a few thousand words and some notes).

I’m not sure yet what I’ll be posting here. Maybe I’ll share notes from my reading and courses? I’m sure I’ll find something to geek out over. For now, feel free to say hi in the comments below! If you have a similar blog about your writing and/or editing, I’d love to see it.

Oh, but before I go: the image in my site header is based on a photograph by Hannah Olinger on Unsplash. You can find her original photo here. I traced the hand and pen freehand in Krita, a free digital painting program, to produce the image I wanted for the site. I also used Coolors to help me pull together the color palette. While I’m offering recommendations, this site’s running on WordPress, self-hosted on GreenGeeks.

None of those are affiliate links, I just list them in case you’re also new and need the resources to set up your own site. (Let me know if you need any help. I studied programming in college and took a few graphic design courses too.)

May your pencil leads never break!


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